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Standing in the Need (September 2015) follows the large African-American family introduced in Still Waiting for nearly nine years. It documents their grueling recovery from Katrina and demonstrates how greater cultural understanding would enable disaster recovery organizations to better serve affected communities. Already in second printing (April 2015).

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Book: Economics and Morality Economics and Morality Anthropological Approaches
Edited by Katherine E. Browne and B.Lynne Milgram

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“Notions of the economic and the moral have long been intertwined, but recent changes in the world and in social theory have newly problematized the interrelationship. Economics and Morality is a wide-ranging and superbly edited collection that revitalizes an anthropological tradition, making it speak to new concerns.”
Donald L. Dohnam, University of California, David
“Economic activity involves more than rational, calculating individuals buying and selling with each other as amply demonstrated by the essays in Economics and Morality. The breadth of this collection is impressive, ranging from exchange in Papua New Guinea, ethical consumption in the United Kingdom, and toxic waste in the United States to stocks and shares in the global markets…"
James G. Carrier, Oxford Brookes University, Indiana University.

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Kate Browne's research has been funded by the following:

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  • Colorado State University

DOCUMENTARY FILM: Still Waiting: Life After Katrina draws viewers into the painful and uplifting story of one post-Katrina African American/Creole family and the bayou culture they cannot give up, despite the odds. MORE INFO

Creole EconomicsCreole Economics: Caribbean Cunning Under the French Flag - University of Texas Press, 2004. Written for undergraduates, Browne’s book shows how “creole economics” is as basic to slave adaptations in the Caribbean as creole languages, religions and music.

 As cited in American Anthropologist... “Persuasive and engagingly written, Creole Economics should be required reading in anthropology, economics, and Caribbean Studies courses.”Aisha Khan, New York University
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Lifting the Weight of History: How French-Caribbean Women Entrepreneurs Are Changing
the Culture of Business

(Original language, French)
This ethnographic documentary tells the story of how entrepreneurial women who are descended from slaves, are confronting the difficult legacies of their creole history, a history that has tainted the perception of the private sector. MORE INFO

Five women