Economics and Morality:
Anthropological Approaches

Edited by Katherine E. Browne
and B. Lynne Milgram
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"An exciting, innovative, and carefully
crafted collection of papers that speak to the
core issues of social and economic life. The
contributions are rich and varied, and engage
common issues to a degree you rarely see in
an edited volume. This is one of the very best
recent books in economic anthropology-
fascinating case studies on the very cutting
edge of the changing global community."

Richard Wilk
Professor of Anthropology
Indiana University

Book: Economics and Morality Anthropological Approaches


"How do moral frameworks interact with economic systems?" Economics and Morality signals that a new anthropological scholarship is emerging and the interplay of economics and morality is becoming its own focus of study across disciplines. It is a time of profound economic change in the world and there is an urgency to comprehend how we can grasp and make good this uncharted future.

Economics and Morality presents fieldwork from societies of variable scales and degrees of integration with capitalist systems. This groundbreaking volume focuses on studies from different kinds of capitalist societies such as those organized around welfare state economies, economies shaped by an Islamic state and neoliberal Western states.

The chapters focus on three concerns:

1. How moral strains accompany rapidly changing indigenous economic practices.

2. How grassroots movements and moral claims generated from the ground up occur in the context of capitalism.

3. How movements taking place within corporate and state institutions attempt to build trust and reputation through the public embrace of explicit, moral economic practice.








Advance Reviews
"Notions of the economic and the moral have long been intertwined, but recent changes in the world and in social theory have newly problematized the interrelationship. Economics and Morality is a wide-ranging and superbly edited collection that revitalizes an anthropological tradition, making it speak to new concerns."
Donald L. Donham
University of California, Davis

"Economic activity involves more than rational, calculating individuals buying and selling with each other as amply demonstrated by the essays in Economics and Morality. The breadth of this collection is impressive, ranging from exchange in Papua New Guinea, ethical consumption in the United Kingdom, and toxic waste in the United States to stocks and shares in the global markets…"
James G. Carrier
Oxford Brookes University, Indiana University


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Andrew Walsh Cynthia Werner Tor Hernes
Joel Robbins Rhoda Halperin Catherine Dolan Dinah Rajak
Walter Little Rebecca Prentice Christina Garsten Aaron Pitluck
Bill Maurer